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Guatemala In Pictures

Acul is located in rural Guatemala in an area near the Ixil Triangle.  The original town was destroyed by the Army during the 36 year old internal conflict.  In 1983, the Government of Guatemala rebuilt the town as model for other Mayan settlements that were affected by the abuses of the war.  At the entrance to Acul you will find Finca San Antonio in a Swiss style meadow.  Here you will find some of Guatemala's best cheese.  A family of Italian descent (Azzari) lives here and they gladly welcome visitors.  Stay there for the night or just have some wine and cheese.

If you are in to walking, there is a path that will take you from Nebaj to Acul in just over two hours.  Ask in the Nebaj Chamber of Commerce or at the restaurant called "El Descanso" for indications.


The Rock & River

Acul River

Acul River

Finca San Antonio

The Azzari's Farm

Foggy morning

Foggy morning

Foggy morning

View of the meadow

Meeting with Acul Representatives

Meeting with members of the Acul Community

Children in Acul

Main road in Acul

Girl carrying water

Church in Acul

The mountains

Foggy afternoon

View of meadow

View of meadow

Cheese from Finca San Antonio

The cheese is ready!

Making cheese

The cat in the fireplace


Guatemala In Pictures

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